​       ​Talking Heads Gallery

Creating artists from from products destined to become landill

Insight vision

How the use of obsolete electronic parts, tennis balls etc.could  benefit charitable non-profit organizations creating sustainable initiatives  to develop and coordinate innovative programs and workshops that empower the handicapped, mentally challenged  or psychiatric illnesses to become artistic as well have their creations be sold or auctioned for charity.


The vision is not static..It develops and evolves in many ways... It has many chapters and takes place and develops over a period of years/decades.

Since most of the original sculptures are virtually impossible for public showings due to the size, weight and delicate nature the intent is to develop other mediums that can replicate or re-create them in high quality life-like limited editions either thru (3D)   3 dimensional printing, creating new casting molds that enable me to develop other "HEADS" in the near future focusing at  to the Art Collector's  that are also collectors and enthusiasts  of I.E Baseball, Watch Collectors, Cars, Golf etc.

By creating other forms multi-dimensional mediums of sculptures and large wall art that gave the appearance as if floating off the wall using a technique I call "EnviroTexing "making these works have that "WOW" factor and envision the re-created works become iconic and recognized internationally in some medium form.

As technology has evolved so has my vision... For the last 5 years my registered concept has been to create every head into an actual animated character that will come to life when you ask it a specific question relative to their appearance. I.E. 

Albert Techstein  when engaged via microphone will come to life... it's eyes will open, it's phones will ring, wires will move and lights will flash.. Concept/ Scenario:

Hey Albert...What's the best deal on a 50 inch flat screen TV? Based upon your phones or tablet or computers location (via your location as well as location based advertising technology it  will search and tell you the closest store with the best deal or any other technology related questions... Carry on an in-depth conversations with individuals.

If you were to ask similar questions to Ace Face or Penn E. Wilson they engage you and talk tennis with you.

Similar concepts for all present and future heads... And that's why were called Talking Heads Gallery!

I even envision an educational head/character  that a child can engage carry on an actual conversation and learn math and how to read and spell.

The advances in technology by Apple and other companies have recently developed applications and software programs that once made it virtually impossible due to the financial investment, now enable the concept and vision to possibly see the idea come to fruition.


   "Stop thinking about art work as objects, and start thinking about them as triggers for experiences"